Nishinari-Ku has a 1300 year history and was first mentioned in the year 713; it is one of Osaka's most exciting areas.
We have therefore decided to have "Discover Nishinari "tours.
There is one daytime tour that starts at 13:00 and lasts until 20:00.
We will visit "Taishu Engeki", a traditional Japanese theater show and walk around Nishinari-Ku.
The tour ends with an all you can eat and drink deal with Kushikatsu, Sashimi and other delicacies.
There is also a night tour where we will visit a typical Japanese "Snack" with hostesses.
We realize that many foreigners would like to visit such a place but are afraid of the high costs.
We have a 3 hour all you can drink and sing deal so contact us if you are interested!
Day tour: 6500 Yen
Night tour: 6000 Yen on Saturday night but if enough people show up ( at least 10) weekdays are also possible.
Private tours are also available.

We also have apartments available with no key money or deposits. Guesthouse rates start at 1500 Yen a night.
There are also rooms in the 30,000 to 40,000 Yen range.
Send us a mail to learn more of upcoming tours and events or call Al at 080-6101-5617.